Thursday, 8 April 2010

March 25th, 2010

New job today, pulling wires. It is my intention to use a system that uses 5 or better 6 wires on each row. This would be one permanent "fruiting" wire of H/T or thick mild steel positioned at ~70cm, Two movable pairs of thinner and more flexible mild steel wire that is used to keep all the foliage neat and controlled as it grows and if I have enough wire left over, a second permanent top wire to make the system really stable and firm. This is about 40Km or~25 miles of wire, ooooooh yet another Marathon task made a little more difficult as most of it will be second hand. For now my target is to get at least one wire per row tied to all the canes before they start to grow to ensure that they do not fall over. This was a big problem last year as every morning I had to pick up 30 - 30 vines and once it was more like 200 following a windy night.

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